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Why mindfulness is your greatest success tool

Mindfulness is a not only a practice, but a tool. Utilized correctly, mindfulness can transform all aspects of your life and increase your productivity, reduce stress, bolster your immune system and ultimately, make you a happier, healthier individual.

Indeed, in ‘Mindfulness: A practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world,’ authors and mindfulness pioneers, Mark Williams and Danny Penman, tout the many proven benefits of mindfulness including how it can significantly reduce your chance of suffering depression, massively reduce your mortality, and give you a greater zest for life.

So, whether you are trying to launch the next Facebook or are simply hoping to rid yourself of pesky anxiety, by practicing mindfulness for only twenty minutes a day, you can equip yourself with the life-long means to withstand adversity and achieve your goals.

Read below to discover more reasons why mindfulness is your greatest success tool.

Why mindfulness is your greatest success tool:

1. Reduce stress

Research has consistently shown that mindfulness meditation enables individuals to ‘better modulate their emotional response to stressful multitasking,’ thus enabling them to reduce stress and increase their productivity – whether in the workplace, or at home. By practicing mindfulness daily, you can learn to keep your cool, perform better at work, and finally, get what you need to done - without the fuss, every single day.

2. Make better decisions

Who doesn’t want to make better decisions? Indeed, the decisions we make in life pretty much determine everything from who we choose to marry to how much we earn to our current state of happiness. By practicing mindfulness, we can increase our self-awareness and use this heightened state of self-understanding, to inform our decision-making ability and ultimately make better, more thoughtful decisions that will improve our lives and propel us towards success.

3. Improve your mental health

By completing an eight-week mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) course, you can significantly reduce your chance of suffering depression. In fact, in ‘Mindfulness: A practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world,’ Williams and Penman discovered that the MBCT course ‘reduces the likelihood of relapse by about 40-50 per cent in people who have suffered three or more previous episodes of depression.’

Furthermore, research by Maura Kenny in Adelaide and Stuart Eisendrath in San Francisco has also suggested that ‘MBCT may be an effective strategy for those whose depression is not responding to other types of treatment including cognitive therapy and antidepressant medication.’

4. Bolster your immune system

Numerous clinical trials have shown that mindfulness can drastically improve your physical health. Indeed, one study found that those who practiced Transcendental Meditation, a specific form of silent meditation, experienced a significantly lower rate of mortality, including a 30% reduction in the rate of cardiovascular mortality and a 49% decrease in the rate of cancer mortality.

5. Be happier

Simply put, by practicing mindfulness – even for just twenty minutes a day, you can boost your mood, enhance your life and greatly improve your chances of success – in whatever area of your life you are hoping to achieve it.

And the best thing – mindfulness is free! You don’t have to pay a monthly subscription or membership fee. You can practice mindfulness anywhere, at anytime. All you need to do is take twenty minutes out of your day to simply be. So why not get started now?

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