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How it All Started

I sat in the Developmental Pediatric Office with my husband and young son at the time and found out that our son had a speech delay, amongst other diagnoses.

So many things ran through my mind then, and I began questioning myself as a mother. It felt like an avalanche of thoughts just coming down, and I internalized it, meaning I never spoke up about those feelings to anyone because I didn't know how to navigate my emotions, as I was still processing his diagnosis. I began to blame myself for my son's diagnosis, even though it had nothing to do with me.  

Because I never spoke up about those thoughts, feelings of guilt and "not-enough-ness " showed up in other parts of my world. They showed up in my self-worth." They showed up with imposter syndrome and perfectionism. They showed up as people-pleasing, "meek, " and visibility blocks. I was not in my feminine power and operating from too much masculine energy. They showed up this way because I didn't value my voice, needs, or truth.

I realized my son and I were going through similar journeys in finding our voices. My son's speech delay was showing up as delays or blocks in other areas of his life – social skills, readiness, behavior issues, etc. My vocal empowerment delay (which I call it now) showed up the same way – in how I communicated my value, governing what action or inaction I took, and being able to make aligned decisions, etc. We were mirroring each other's journeys.


When we fail to empower our voices, we fail at being in integrity with ourselves.

My vision is to see a world where more women, children, men, and non-genders have the freedom and power to share their voices and stories confidently. I want this for my son, who has a speech delay (who now cannot stop talking), and my daughter, who is also going through her own self-discovery. I want this for myself to value and speak about my needs and desires as a woman, and help other women do the same. 

How can we encourage more open and honest communication with ourselves and others daily? What steps can you take today to amplify your voice and create an impact in your life and the lives of others?

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The more we speak and share our stories, the more it becomes a catalyst for healing.  

When the doctor told me that my son has a speech delay, it prompted my journey in finding my voice. I went on to become a Step into Your Moxie® Certified Facilitator, so that I can do more of this work. 


I spent years learning about meditation and holistic healing techniques and I am also a Certified Meditation Teacher, and Certified Corporate Wellness Coach. I've given up on societal expectations and doing everything and anything I love. I fuse my work with feminine energy principles because operating in the masculine all the time is no longer working for me, us, or society.

In life we take on many roles, go through trainings, and certifications, but some roles that we take on have the ability to humble us. Mine happened to be that of being a mom. 

Now my son who is not so little anymore speaks like he's been around for ages. We both have that going for us!

I've struggled through all of the unconscious blocks you can think of. The truth was I had an "Angela Basset" moment...phase...err. Journey. But "Stella Got Her Groove Back", and so did I, and so can you. 

I want to see more women, men, and non-genders reclaiming their worth, reclaiming their power, reclaiming their voice, shifting their feminine consciousness (which goes beyond gender).


Now is the time for a feminine reparation. This is the RISE of feminine consciousness. 


Let's do this together!

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