Ideal Clients Breakthrough Virtual Workshop


In this 3.5- 4 hour workshop, we’ll help you understand and find your ideal clients. You’ll receive: 

  • PDF version of the 12 Branding with Archetypes card. Hard copy can also be sent by mail. 

  • Full PDF version of "The Soul of your Brand Guide".

  • Zoom Recording of “Branding with Archetypes”, where I’ll walk you through:

    • Write what you stand for in your business statement.

    • Discover your Unique Brilliance

    • Write what you are an expert in or at in your business statement.

    • Make your brand promise.

    • Create your Brand Brilliance Values.

    • Create your Brand Soul Client Experience.

    • Add personality to the soul of your brand.

    • Create your Branding With Archetypes touch points.

  • Full PDF version of the “6-Step Niche Breakthrough formula” guide.

  • Zoom Recording of “ 6- Step Niche Breakthrough formula”, where I’ll walk you through:

    • Step 1: Choosing your lucrative category of highest potential people to work with

    • Step 2: Identifying specific “communities” of potential clients with your ideal category

    • Step 3: Brainstorming out of the Box

    • Step 4: TESTING for “hot or not”

    • Step 5: MAKING  your final choice and creating your marketing message

    • Step 6: GETTING STARTED with your new niche

  • Email check-in 48 hours prior to your workshop to ensure you have all questions answered I answered. 

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